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Photo by Alexander Young (Apr 2019)

Hello, I'm Colleen!

I am a visual artist trained in visualizing science. I love coming up with creative and fun ways to visually communicate abstract concepts and tell stories, and am an avid advocate for accessible, inclusive resources, and better healthcare for all. I personally want to help the community at large by telling stories and helping others tell their own.

I also enjoy live theater, video games, dance, animated movies, and creating music.

Work interests

- Student and/or patient education

- Interactive media and game design

- Mental health education

- Graphic medicine

- Opportunities to increase the representation of minority groups in media

-...any project I can learn and grow from (even non-science related)

Abbreviated CV


MSU Biomedical Communications


Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine  |  University of Toronto

Hon BSc Psychology, Neuoscience & Behaviour (Mental Health sp.), Summa cum laude


Faculty of Science  |  McMaster University

Main Proficiencies


Select Awards

Vesalian Scholar Award (2019)  |  Vesalian Trust for Health Science Communication

Award of Merit (2019)  |  Association of Medical Illustrators 

Select Presentations

  1. Tang Poy, C., Andreopoulos, S., Patterson, S., Jenkinson, J., & Ng, D. (2020). Sugar scramble: A game-based approach to learning glucose metabolism. Poster presented at the 19th European Conference on e-Learning, Berlin, Germany.

  2. Tang Poy, C., Andreopoulos, S., Patterson, S., Jenkinson, J., & Ng, D. (2020). Sugar scramble: A game-based approach to learning glucose metabolism. Vesalius Scholar talk  presented at the Association Medical Illustrators conference, Milwaukee, WI.

  3. Tang Poy, C. & Woolhouse, M. (2017). Pupillary dilations and dancing in tempo: Effects of synchrony and perceived levels of attractiveness. Poster presented at the Society of Music Cognition and Perception conference, San Diego, CA.

Select Publications

  1. Woolhouse, M. & Tang Poy, C. (2020). The attraction of synchrony: A hip-hop dance study. Frontiers of Psychology. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.588935

  2. Ng, D., Andreopoulos, S., Long, S., Tang Poy, C., Patterson, S., & Jenkinson, J. (2020). Enhancing learning of glucose metabolism through animations and gaming. Case history published in the 2020 International e-Learning Excellence Awards book.

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