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Sprout & About APP Promo Video


The aim of this promotional video was to briefly describe the purpose and main functionalities of the Sprout & About app we created. The video from conception to completion was to be completed within 1 week.


Michael Corrin (BFA, BA, Hons BSc, MScBMC, CMI)


Procreate, digital footage, Adobe After Effects

Date of Completion

2019 Apr

Meet the team


Maurita Hung

Live Action Footage & Editor

Maurita filmed the live action segment of the promotion video and aided in storyboarding that section.


Shirley Long

UI Animation & Motion Graphics

Shirley created the assets and animated most of the motion graphics involved in this video and storyboarded those sections.

Cartoon self portrait_edited.png

Colleen Tang Poy (Me!)

Character Animation & Compiler

I took the lead on look development for the characters and character animation. I also compiled all of the separate compositions together and added sound.

Process Work


1. Writing a Script and Pitching the Idea

Due to the extremely quick turn around for this project, the video creation process was slightly unusual and abbreviated. First, we collaboratively wrote a script for the promotional video ensuring to meet all the content requirements set by our faculty advisor. Based off of this, we drew up a very rough storyboard on a whiteboard and pitched the idea to him. We received feedback but general approval to move forward with this script. As such, we recorded the narration as soon as possible to ensure there were no issues with the script's readability.

2. Revising Storyboards & Look Development

Maurita, Shirley, and I split up the storyboarding task by scene and created low-fidelity storyboards incorporating with the feedback we received in 2 days (below are some of the storyboards I created). We pitched these storyboards to our faculty advisor again and received sign-off with minor revisions.

Simultaneously, I began look development for the characters. Ultimately, I chose character designs that best matched the overall mood of the app and our existing app design.

3. Creating the Assets and the Video

I created the assets I animated in Procreate and exported out to a layered .psd that I could import and animate in After Effects. The animation was kept simple in order to have something polished looking for our deadline. I received completed compositions/ raw footage from  Maurita and Shirley, and was responsible for compiling them together with the narration and music.

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