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Skeletal foot

Medium: DICOM file from OsiriX data (VIX)

Date of Completion: November 2017

Supervisor: Nick Woolridge

About: DICOM data extracted via Horos; geometry sculpted and re-topologized in ZBrush; and rendered in Cinema 4D. Click to enlarge.

ProCess work

1. CT Scan Data Extraction Using Horos

After selecting the VIX DICOM dataset from OSIRIX to use for this project, the data was extracted from Horos and exported.

Image: editing the data in Horos

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.32.46 PM.png

2. Creating a Complete Sculpt Using ZBrush

From the CT Scan data, artifacts were removed and holes in the data were filled. The sculpt was then retopologized, and then a UV map for texture was created. A version of the sculpt with low level geometry and a high level displacement map were exported from Zbrush.

Image: the sculpt in ZBrush prior to export

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.18.04 PM.png

3. Importing and Rendering the Foot in Cinema

The foot sculpt was brought into Cinema 4D, and the UV map was applied. Lights, a sky, a floor, and a camera were created to set the scene.

Image: a progress shot of the scene being created in Cinema4D

4. Feedback and Revisions

Feedback was solicited from the project supervisor, other biomedical communicators, and students, and revisions were made to achieve the final piece (above).

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