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Projects involving scientific or medical content, or were designed for scientific or educational use cases.

Illustration & Graphic Design

Vapepocolypse Poster

Illustration, Graphic Design

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Illustration, Graphic Design

Carbon Dust Pig's Heart


Unboxing the Bitterness

Illustration, Comic

Poison for Pain

Illustration, 3D, Graphic Design

Carbon Dust Human Skull

Illustration, Graphic Design

The Neuron Diagram

Illustration, Graphic Design

IMS Magazine Cover

Illustration, 3D

UX/UI Design

Understanding Coronavirus


Sprout & About AR App

Mobile, Unity, User Testing

MRP: Sugar Scramble

Game, Documentation

Fireballs Data Viz

Web, Mockup


The Power of Obedience

2D Animation

Sprout & About Promo Video

2D Animation

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