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Cells of the nervous system: The Neuron

Medium: Digital (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)

Date of Completion: February 2018

Supervisors: Dave Mazierski & Dr. Shelley Wall

About: A full-page illustration regarding the anatomy of a neuron designed for a textbook, and following a style-sheet provided by the supervisors. Click to enlarge.

ProCess work

1. Research and Rough Sketch

Given the parameters of the content of the piece, a sketch was created referencing existing images and text from neuroanatomy and neurophysiology textbooks. The sketch was reviewed by the project supervisor before moving forward.

Image: the initial rough sketch created to elicit supervisor feedback


2. Creating Colour Blocking and a Layout for the Revised Sketch

Based on the feedback, the sketch was revised and scanned. A cleaner layout and colour blocking was done in Adobe Illustrator; colour palettes were decided and applied. The main neuron and the inset image were exported individually for Adobe Photoshop.

Image: Colour blocking and layout done in Adobe Illustrator


3. Rendering Digitally in Photoshop

Each exported colour-blocked piece was then digitally rendered in Adobe Photoshop. 

4. Compiling Assets into the Final Layout

The finished assets were then compiled into the final layout in Adobe Illustrator.

5. Feedback and Revisions

Feedback was solicited from the project supervisor, other biomedical communicators, and students, and revisions were made to achieve the final piece (above).

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