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MAster's Research Project: Sugar Scramble

Game Summary

Game Proof of Concept Video

Stage 4: Documenting the Game plaY


Level Design

It was vital that the solution to each level was scientifically accurate. To check my understanding with my content supervisors, I devised a spreadsheet to denote the correct substrates and products for each enzyme, where those products are used in other parts of the metabolic cycle, and the ATP yield at each stage.

I then made diagram sketches based off this reviewed spreadsheet to visualize the solution for each level, iterate on the logic of how it would work, and ensure each solution reflected the substrates and products from the enzymes listed in the spreadsheet. These were also reviewed by my supervisors.

Documenting Supporting UI and Gameplay

For each of the steps identified in the game flow diagram, a more in-depth section of documentation was created. This included indicating the purpose of each screen, how to navigate to and from these screens, and all of the user actions possible (i.e. different button states and functions). Game logic was described in words with supporting images. The proof-of-concept video I made for Sugar Scramble is supposed to be supplementary to the game descriptions here.

Documenting Solutions

For each level, learning objectives, level objectives, the assets required for the solution and a description of how these interact were listed. A visual of the solution accompanies each level for reference, and character dialogue along with the dialogue's triggers are documented here. The input and output of each enzyme item was listed.

Documenting Assets

All game assets were created and listed with descriptions of their role in the game and the relevant pages in the documentation to which they pertain.

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