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Photo by Alexander Young (Apr 2019)

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Hello, I'm Colleen!

Who am I?

I am a visual artist trained in visualizing science. I love coming up with creative and fun ways to visually communicate abstract concepts and tell stories. I have a passion for art, science, and education, and am an avid advocate for accessible, inclusive resources, and better healthcare for all.

I completed an HBSc at McMaster University majoring in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (Mental Health specialization) and a  MScBMC (Masters of Biomedical Communications) at the University of TorontoThrough these experiences I recognized the importance of clear communication and good storytelling in both scientific and non-scientific contexts, and that I personally want to help the community at large by telling stories and helping others tell their own.

Besides scientific visualization, I also enjoy live theater, video games, dance, animated movies, and creating music.

What are my long-term goals?

I would love to be involved with projects related to student/ patient education, interactive media and game design, and/or mental health but am open to all challenges and opportunities to grow from—including non-scientific projects. I am also interested in projects with opportunities to increase the representation of minority groups in media.

Why are your pen names "Colspleen" and "2b_tp"? 

"Colspleen" is an anatomical pun on my name that was a nickname given to me by some dear university friends. I thought it was fitting since I am a biomedical artist, I love puns, and never want to forget where I came from.  

"2b" refers to 2B pencils—my go-to tool when I'm out and about sketching for fun—and "tp" are the initials of my last name: "Tang Poy". It is also a Shakespeare reference—"To be or not to be"—since I love theatre.

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